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To empower our participants to have enriched and fulfilled lives, through being active contributors and valued members of their local community.



Social Mission Statement

To maximise each participant’s individual strengths and interests to equip them with the skills and opportunities to achieve their full potential, through providing an innovative community inclusion and Social Enterprise progression programme.  



Value Statements


  • Integrity.

  • Be outstanding.

  • Provide fulfilment.



Integrity -

Our conviction and integrity guide what we do and how we do it, every day.


  • We do the right thing, in the best interests of each participant.

  • We do what we say we will do, we are worthy of trust.

  • We act with courage, we will be advocates for our participants.



Be outstanding -

We are committed to providing an excellent service to all people and organisations who are involved with the centre.  We have to evolve to best serve the needs of our participants.  Through the delivery of an ambitious service we will be relevant today and we will stay one step ahead and be ready for tomorrow.


Our commitments:


  • Ensure our service is consistently excellent.

  • Continuously strive for improve.

  • Work in partnership with other agencies and the community.

  • Achieve and maintain excellent inspection reports.

  • Represent value for money.



Provide fulfilment through person-centre planning -

Instilling positive well-being is central to our work.  Well-being is feeling good and
functioning well.  We need both of these to be fulfilled to enjoy a positive experience of life.


We will create holistic opportunities for our participants to:


  • Connect with people and the world around them.

  • Be active through leading a motivated, healthy life.

  • Progress learning through maintaining current skills and learning new skills.

  • Make a meaningful contribution and be valued members of their local community.


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