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This new service will be focused on the delivery of placements for those school leavers whose individual needs fall between a traditional day care placement and those who would struggle with the additional demands of an employment service provider placement or a college placement. 

These school leavers individual needs benefit most from an innovative community inclusion and progression programme, that empowers them to have enriched and fulfilled lives, through being active and valued members of their local community. 


The Live Life Well-Being Centre will act as a hub/base site / central point for our participants to access their local community and to participate in a range of Social Enterprises. 


The Live Life Well-Being Centre will contain a range of specialised facilities including sensory rooms and therapy rooms.


Following referral from the feeder school (Parkview/Beechlawn/Knockevin/Donard etc) a representative from the Live Life Well-Being Centre can attend a young adults Annual Review Meeting at both 18 years old and their final Annual Review at 19 years old.


At 18 years old the parents of a potential participant will attend the Live Life Well-Being Centre for an initial tour and an overview of the services provided.  If the tour is successful, the participant will then attend several taster days for assessment for suitability to the service. 


At 19 years old a final decision will be made to complete to an application form and this will be presented to the Day Care Panel by the Social Worker.  All participants require a Social Worker in order to access the service.

If Self-Directed Support is secured, then a number of transition days will take place in the month of June to support a successful transition from School to the Live Life Well-Being Centre. 

Live Life Well-Being Centre will provide the participant with a visual social story booklet.  We will request an essential information transition booklet to be completed, based on how best support the participants individual needs.  
The Live Life Well-Being Centre team will receive a handover from the School Speech and Language Therapist, if required.       


The participant will then begin their new Post-19 placement in September. 

Enrolment to the service is made through completion of an application form, which would then be presented by your son / daughter's Social Worker to the South Eastern or Belfast Health and Social Care Adult Disability Team.

Please contact us directly if you are a Parent or a Social Worker and would like to request an application form.