Live Life Social enterprises limited

Board of Directors

Live Life Social Enterprises was registered with Companies House on 6th September 2021 as a Private Limited Company by guarantee not having a share capital.  Registration No – NI682143


The company’s business is guided by a detailed Memorandum and Articles of Association document.

There are 5 Directors that form the Board of Directors at Live Life Social Enterprises.


Name                                                            Occupation                            Board Role

Director Mrs Lynda Kane                       Social Worker                       Chairperson

Director Rev Dr Stanley Gamble        Minister of Religion             Treasurer

Director Mr Philip Reain-Adair            Director of Services             Secretary

Director Dr Heather Anderson            General Practitioner           Parent Representative

Director Mrs Martina Rydout                British Red Cross                 Participant Representative

We are presently developing an exciting range of Social Enterprises.  This page will continue to develop over time. 

All generated Social Enterprise profits are reinvested into a bursary scheme, which will enable our young people to have a better quality of life.  The bursary is managed by a Board of Directors and will provide the gateway to life enabling experiences and equality of opportunity.   This affords the participants the ability to develop their skills in new areas of employability focused learning and to significantly reduce costs for added value activities such as gym membership, music concerts and international residential trips etc.  All profits raised through our Social Enterprises are reinvested back to achieve our social mission goals. Participants will receive a weekly pay packet of £15 funded through the bursary. 


Below is an example of our vision of the ceramics we would be able to create, if we were successful with our current funding application to Unltd.

We are looking at Facebook pages - Banwell Pottery (Social Enterprise England) and The Clay House (local artist) for our inspiration.

Roberta from The Clay House also works at South Eastern Regional College, Lisburn and she has taught our participants the skills they need to produce works of art.  Roberta is our expert advisor.  We are looking forward to beginning our learning workshops with her at her studio in the autumn.