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opening hours &

The Live Life Well-Being Centre is open during the following hours: -

  • Monday to Friday 9am - 3pm

  • Thursday Youth Club 7pm - 9pm

As we have our own transport, we are able to offer our participants the benefit of door-to-door transport (within the Greater Lisburn Area).

Transport runs during the following times: -

  • 8am to 9am

  • 3pm to 4pm



Weekly Timetable

Every Friday participants/carers receive a visual timetable for the oncoming week.  Our learning programme is different every week, therefore the timetable helps to ensure good communication and preparation for the week ahead. 


Daily Communication  

At the end of each Live Life day, each Group Leader posts a range of photographs and videos of the learning experiences of that day via the Seesaw communication app.  Participants and Carers are able to recap the days activities together that evening in a visual format.    
Carers can also contact their son/daughters Live Life staff team directly with pastoral messages etc conveniently via the seesaw app.  

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